Coffee and Lion’s Mane For Your Brain…

Sun AlchemyCognitive Coffee Created by: “Terrasoul Superfoods”Reviewed by: “Mr.GravityReviews” Background: The “Sun Alchemy Cognitive Coffee” product is created and sold by “Terrasoul Superfoods” in an effort to quote the site “Nourish your body & your mind.” Dennis and Amy Botts are the co-founders of “Terrasoul Superfoods”, and they are a husband and wife team whoContinue reading “Coffee and Lion’s Mane For Your Brain…”

The Genius Brand Has a Cognitive Solution?

“Consciousness” Created by “The Genius Brand.” Review by: Mr.Gravity Background “Consciousness” is a product made by “The Genius Brand” and is a self-startup by a gentleman named Robert Oliver. There isn’t a lot of information on Robert other than his active social media platforms. His posts contain encouraging messages, science driven podcasts, free study basedContinue reading “The Genius Brand Has a Cognitive Solution?”