Hey there! Thanks for checking out my about section! Here’s a little bit about me!

My name is Shawn Abeln and I was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. I’m currently 26 years old and I have lived in KC my whole life. I have always been a very active person. I was always on the bicycle, running on the track, or playing soccer, football, or tennis. Heck, I was always in the gym/weight lifting class every semester and my peers thought I was nuts! My two favorite things of all time are roller skating and ducks. I’m a bit lame like that!

My ol’ pup Harley!

After graduating Lee’s Summit North High school I felt a bit lost. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do next, so I rushed into college hoping I would be able to “Find myself” which didn’t happen of course. I made a lot of friends and goofed off in class and needless to say, I wasted a bit of time and money.

A few years go by and I met a beautiful girl who is now my incredible wife, Jana Ayers. Now I have always been a straight edge person. I never really drank nor smoked, or really did anything of that sort. Hell, I think the worst thing I ever did was ding dong ditch a house when I was younger, AND I GOT CAUGHT, but Jana really brought the best out in me. She brought out my best qualities and helped me realize the things in life I really cared about.

Our Wedding Day. One of the happiest days of my life.

A few years go by and I started working as a preschool teacher for a little over a year and that was when I had my “Aha” moment! I discovered the one thing I was passionate about the most through out my entire life. That was the well being and learning of others around me.

My after school care class once preschool was out. These kiddos are going to do such great things!

So finally here we are, after years of studying, certifications, research, cross referencing, seminars, reading, and every way you can think of to gain knowledge. As well as always still learning and open to new ideas. Im here to help debunk the fraudulent products, and here to help people ascend above their limits!

Welcome to the family!

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