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The Overall Health And Wellness of People Is Undervalued…

It’s no surprise really that the supplement and general health industry is booming. People are not aware of what really makes a supplement “Clean” or a certain equipment “Practical.” People can’t tell the difference between a quality, scam, or “Miracle” grade product. Which is exactly what certain companies capitalize on. “Miracle” companies promise unrealistic, impossible, and a lot of the times dangerous products. I’m here to debunk the frauds, and bring everyone up to a higher standard of living.

Exhibit A. Building muscle and losing weight requires work. There’s no shortcut to success.

My Go To Companies…

Black Magic Supply

Reviewing 9-Lives Workout Shirt..

So far Black Magic Supply has been a favorite for my pre-workout and protein powder game! They have a 1-1 serving ratio (which is a rarity) with a whopping 24g of protein made up of Whey Concentrate, Casein, Whey Isolate, and Egg Albumin Enzymes!! They have nootropics, thermogenics, amino acids, and they even have a healthier coffee creamer for you coffee enthusiasts!

I truly love what Black Magic Supply provides. Especially if you want an explosive workout!

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The Genius Brand

Reviewing Genius Conciousness

Robert Oliver, the CEO of The Genius Brand is first and utmost a beast. His labels are so incredibly transparent with their ingredients he even made a video taking you back to the labs where they’re made. He’s always making the next best thing and I have to say, everything I have had from Robert has been insane. I’m going to be completely real with you here. Genius Consciousness was a literal game changer for me. Not only does this nootropic mix make me feel like I’m on my “A” game, but it is such a mood enhancer. After every serving I feel like I can truly conquer the world. The only downside to The Genius Brand is the high quality ingredients are expensive!

My favorite brand for nootropics, cognitive functions, and immunity support! If you believe in the saying “Mind over matter” then this is for you!

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REVIEWING the “R3bar Alpha Pro”

My overall thought on R3bar Alpha Pro is that it really helps beginners and advanced lifters in 3 specific ways. Mobility, flexibility, and stability. You aren’t going to turn into the hulk using this product, but you will definitely develop functional strength and build up key movements of the body to bolster all of your other lifts. This product is also very low impact so it’s great for people working with injuries! More detailed review coming soon.

The R3bar Alpha Pro is an incredible product to implement in any training regiment. Young, old, newbies, and experienced lifters alike. It will definitely keep your body guessing! I Definitely support this one!

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